‘HR’ is about the ‘people’ element of your business

I can help you make sure you have the right people, with the right skills, in the right place in your organisation, to achieve your business goals.

Call 07848442276 or email karen@KDHRSolutions.co.uk for simple yet effective HR advice that will help you achieve seamless and sustainable growth.

My name is Karen and I help leaders of small and medium-sized businesses with the ‘people’ element of their growth plans.

If you choose to use me to help you you’ll get a friendly, professional HR expert (I have a master’s degree in Human Resource Management and Fellow status with the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD)).

You’ll be able to stop worrying about the ‘HR’ element of your business, as I’ll be your trusted advisor. I am a great problem solver who will give you simple yet effective solutions that will fit in with your type of business.

You’ll be able to tap in to almost 30 years of management and leadership experience (I’ve worked in the retail sector and the transport industry, and I’ve been a statutory director in a large organisation).

You’ll have someone on hand who can help you steer your organisation through the ‘people’ challenges business growth brings (I specialised in change and organisational culture as part of my master’s degree and have led the HR element of numerous business growth and organisational change programmes).

You will also be able to draw on the insight I have from being an Enterprise Advisor with the Local Enterprise Partnership (LEP).