Pro-Active HR

I recently had the pleasure of working with an amazing client who is taking their business from sole-trader to limited company/employer.

They are amazing, not only because of the growth they have achieved in a short space of time, but because they have considered the ‘people’ element of their journey well in advance of the transition to ‘employer’. This means they will be building their business on strong foundations from the start.

They have invested time to think about the type of organisation they want to create, what their Ts & Cs need to look like to be able to attract and retain the people they need for the future, as well as for the now; not just how they ensure they comply with the law.

I frequently meet employers who think the contract of employment is the be-all and end-all of HR, and that if they have one in place everything’s fine. Of course, a contract is important and an obvious legal requirement, but there are other legal requirements, like certain policies, as well as economic and social factors to consider.

Thinking about HR in a holistic sense and early on is critical to success. Employers must think about the type of organisation they want to create, and the challenges they may face along the way and work from there.