Three things to consider before becoming an employer

I frequently meet employers who think the contract of employment is the be-all and end-all for employers, and that as long as they have one in place that’s fine.

Of course, a contract is important (and an obvious legal requirement), but there are other legal requirements (like certain policies) and thinking as an employer in a holistic sense is critical to success.

For me, there are three key things you need to think about if you are becoming an employer.

Ideally you need to think about these before you become an employer rather than after!


People are key to business.

Thinking in this way means you will be building your business on strong foundations from the start (something I am passionate about if you read my profile).

People are not robots. They are humans, and more so than ever expect to be treated as such.

Don’t think in this way and you’ll soon discover how hard it is to recruit and retain the people you need to make your business a success.

Type of organisation

I highly recommend investing the time to think about what type of organisation you want to create.

Think about what your terms and conditions of employment need to look like to make sure you can attract and retain the people you need for the future as well as for the now, (rather than only what you can afford).

A good HR framework

For me, in very simple terms, I think a good HR framework has five key elements:

1. Job Descriptions and structure
2. Basic policies and procedures
3. Contracts of Employment
4. Handbook
5. Good leadership and management

These are all interlinked.

They should be designed in a way that support the ‘people’ element of the organisation and the type of organisation you want.

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